The tale of two Kakutanis

A great twitter caper reported at the Daily News’ books blog. Apparently, someone began posting under the name @CriticMichiko making fun of some of the renowned NY Times book critic, Michiko Kakutani’s verbal ticks. Then someone else (or the same person) began posting under a new name @ActualNYTMK to ask the first impersonator to stop.

I really like the idea of impersonators arguing with each other.

Here’s a sample of the exchange:

“Please stop impersonating me,”  Keppra where to buy @ActualNYTMK tweeted this morning  “I am me. I understand the joke but enough is enough.” @CriticMichiko: “I am safe in assuming that I have reviewed you, yes?” “You’re [Jonathan] Lethem, right?”

To this,  @ActualNYTMK responded, “I am not Lethem. But I’ll bet anything you’re [Colson] Whitehead.”

All in the day of the life of anonymous media and the superabundance of critics. I’m sure for those students of nineteenth-century periodical reviewing, often anonymous, vitriolic, and silly, this will seem like nothing new.