Incidental Media

Meet Little Printer. He’s cute, little, and smart. He prints out your own customized newspaper (more like ticker tape). You program an app to deliver information from various sources (The Guardian, Twitter, and the thermal-powered device prints it all on a spool of paper a couple of times a day.  It is created by the design firm, BERG, and their interest is in creating tools that are ubiquitous, yet unobtrusive (thus “incidental”). They are also decidedly committed to the tactile and moving past the screen as the ultimate end of textual interactivity.  Says CEO Matt Webb:

We love physical stuff. What’s great about paper is that it’s made for sharing…Paper is like a screen that never turns off. You can stick to the fridge or tuck it in your wallet. You can scribble on it or tear it and give it to a friend.