Libraries and the Digital Divide

aceon price A really thoughtful piece at The Desk Set about what it means to be a librarian today. The author addresses the myth of the universality of digital literacy, just how much time she spends teaching people how to use computers. This results in a lot of inner personal conflict for the new librarian, who cares (usually) more about books.

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zyban uk pharmacy But on another level there is a deep continuity at work here, the way librarians are, and have always been, the public servants of information literacy more generally. I am sure teaching newly or barely literate people how to use books, card catalogues, reference guides, etc., was pretty boring and frustrating in its own way. But as the author lays out, when you see how it changes people’s lives, it becomes deeply meaningful.

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lioresal price philippines This is all just to say we still need constant reminders that literacy, in whatever form, is never universal. Those who work, in whatever form, to address its inequalities are doing amazing work. I wish we spent more time valorizing them than those who play moneyball.

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