The Language of Media, part 742

buy calcium carbonate speak How media change how we express ourselves is an enduring interest of mine. One of the things that now seems unavoidable is the absurdly high level of neologism that surrounds new media. еxperiment Let me introduce Monitter: which allows you to monitor twitter.  Get it?

unveil It’s certainly a worthwhile project and one that fits with my longstanding concerns (shared by many of course) that we need new computational ways of interfacing with information streams today. But my more immediate interest is the way digital media not only seem to be remaking all facets of communication. They seem intent on remaking the language too.

authorize zantac canada Has life always been like this or is something very wrong happening? Is this the natural progression of needing new words to think about new forms of communication or is it just the full-scale translation of commercial branding into spaces of communication? It’s telling that the logic of Monitter is keyword driven.  There is something to this connection: the neologistical aspect of new media plus its heavy reliance on the “key” word.  I feel a piece coming…