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Human Media

A recent, and very disturbing, ad-campaign pretended that homeless people were wifi hotspots. It was a gag, but they were paid to wear t-shirts that said “I’m [insert name], I’m a 4G hotspot.” What to do with vagrant, impoverished populations? I know, turn them into mobile transponders and pay them! …

Vestiges of Media

My friend Ina Ferris has been thinking a lot lately about the relationship between books and remnants — the way books were integral during the nineteenth century to think about how cultural forms and practices persist past their time. The book was itself already seen as a vestige during the …


More on 3-D printing kits. I’m intrigued by the way “print” keeps getting more sophisticated, and more accessible, even with the so-called death of print. Either its like phosphorus (brightest before extinguishing) or people keep misunderstanding the long history of technologies of impression and their durability.